Story Tending with Holly Holt:

Writing & Embodiment Immersions for Women

All that matters is...
that you write what feels true.
Trust it.

Together, let’s unearth your stories (through the body), alchemize them (through writing), and make more space for what’s true

This is Embodied Writing

If you need a place to start...

You don’t need a complicated practice right now. You need something simple and supportive. Sensitive, creative women are so often told that they are wrong, that their longing for beauty and healing doesn’t matter. The Rhythmic Ritual brings you to a place of self-trust…and ease. It’s a place to start listening to your own wisdom.

Tell me if this feels true for you:

  • longing comes as naturally to you as breathing
  • writing is how you remember yourself, how you process, how you heal, how you meet yourself over and over
  • you fall at the feet of subtlety and beauty and feel things others often don’t
  • you want to express the fire that lies just beneath all your conditioned niceness but you haven't found many places where you felt safe doing it
  • you want to live your life and tell your story (even if it scares you)
  • you know you need community and support to keep you inspired
  • you want to honor the lost stories of your ancestors by courageously writing your own

“Word Gathering Women’s Writing Circle has been my writing home for years now for a reason. Holly attracts special people with depth, integrity, good hearts, and vivid stories, which is half the magic. And it feels like magic. While I selfishly don't want the intimate space to get too crowded, this pickiest of people recommends Word Gathering highly. ”

Alice Risemberg

If you are looking for a writing home that honors the truth of you, join us inside the Word Gathering Women’s Writing Circle, a space for wild, wise, deeply feeling women to write what needs to be written. Through what I like to call Story Tending, I offer a compassionate, open space to finally un-silence your long hidden voice and reclaim your own narrative one word at a time.

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You Have a Story Inside You, and It’s Miraculous

“I didn’t know what to expect,
and I can’t tell you how meaningful this has been for me.”

Mary Dupree

Why I Support Women's Stories & Women's Voices

“For many women, the struggle to write is at base a struggle against the idea that women’s lives are not of interest as literature. I have a friend whose husband once said after her first book had been published, ‘You sit there writing as if your life had some significance.’”

Pat Schneider, Writing Alone and with Others

I am here to tell you that your story has significance. Your voice matters more than you know. Here, you will be supported in reclaiming your voice one word at a time.

I’m saving a seat for you…